While painting solely for the sake of painting, Lulu’s recurring use of spray paint, rollers and sponges is what conveys the unconventional and colorful vibrance which seems to bring her paintings to life. Born and raised in Berlin, Lulu displayed a very peculiar affection for painting already in her early years starting with chalk pastels in primary school. She then broadened her palette to acrylics and watercolors and later incorporated extreme neon and darker acrylic tones which would become the bone and marrow of her present-day works.

Without seeking a greater philosophical meaning to art, Lulu relishes the honest simplicity and immediate catharsis which the act of painting offers her, allowing even the most intricate feelings to be expressed. This same simplicity inhabits her creative space, her aunt’s cottage on the outskirts of East Berlin, where she likes to spend most of her time painting.


Version 2

Atelier Schatten